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De Unie at APG


De Unie is directly involved with APG as a CLA party. We represent the interests of our members by continuously having discussions with APG management. As a trade association within APG De Unie an important role in drawing up the collective labor agreement, the social plan and promoting your interests.

Modern labour relations

You work at APG and a modern trade union that opts for innovation fits in with that. De Unie looks for cooperation and consultation and not conflict. However, if necessary also leave De Unie see his teeth. De Unie is committed to modern working conditions, such as the extension of partnership leave, parental leave, seniority schemes, retention of acquired rights, but also basic working conditions such as justifiable good pay. That does De Unie for young and old and regardless of your location, Amsterdam or Heerlen. Social themes such as informal care schemes, financial insight and career developments are also being continued De Unie put on the agenda.

Representation of collective interests

We do everything we can to conclude a good collective labor agreement and a solid, fair and modern social plan. We also monitor the implementation of CAO projects, reorganisations, strategy developments, pilots and studies of APG. We constantly test the influence of all plans on employees and make adjustments where necessary. De Unie monitors, for example, the progress of the Career Center and participates in the Review Committee.

Why member?

As a member you have a direct influence on the decisions made by the employer. You have direct voting rights when entering into new collective labor agreements, social plans and the pension scheme. We will keep you informed of the discussions we have with the APG directors. We take your questions with us and ensure that answers come. As a Union member you also have all kinds of financial benefits. For example, the right to free legal aid and legal advice in employment matters. For example, as a member you can immediately use informal care services.

Individual advocacy

Are you dealing with an impending individual conflict or do you want personal advice in the field of career development, pension or other work-related matters? Then is De Unie there to serve your interest. Personal, decisive and solution-oriented. You can be experts from De Unie ask for advice via or telephone number 0345 - 851 963. In addition, there are a number of executives within APG De Unie ready for you, who want to advise and assist you.

Works Council Elections

Works Council elections are on 13 and 14 March 2018. We call on you to vote.

Vote for De Unie! De Unie makes the difference.

Did you know without De Unie the salary increase of the CLA 2017-2018 was 0,25% lower?

Did you know without De Unie the replacement scheme only entitled to the transition payment and not to the APG payment? The difference is a factor of 1,9 or 1,75.

Where others give in too quickly, or even want to abort something, remains De Unie keep fighting for its members and all APG employees. The employer listens to De Unie because has been for years De Unie show that they are a decent and constructive discussion partner.

Every reason to be proud that you are a member of De Unie.
Therefore: Vote for your club! Vote for list 3! Vote for De Unie!

It doesn't need study. Vote for De Unie!


As a bonus for all members, we explain again in a clear way how the BWWW scheme works and how you can already use it during the Making Of You Intensive. Just have a look at this link if you are interested in this.