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CZ - Reorganization

On Thursday, March 28, 2019, CZ announced a major reorganization at the Operations division. It still concerns the intention to implement a reorganization. The CZ works council has received a request for advice. The reorganization is the result of the digitization of insurance bills. The employees in the target area of ​​the reorganization have been informed. The communication has caused great concern among the employees concerned. Many members have since joined De Unie used to. They are concerned about their job.

De Unie has invited its members to a members meeting at Tuesday, April 16, 2019 at 17.00 p.m.. The members' meeting is held in Sittard, room SA01.07. De Uniemembers can sign up by sending me an email at Is a colleague who is not yet a member of De Unie, take him or her to the general meeting. Please indicate in the e-mail that a guest is coming along.

In the members' meeting we can discuss the intended decision of the employer. The consequences this can have for those involved. And asking questions about CZ's social plan.

I have asked CZ's HRM director for a formal meeting. The employer says that CZ will try to offer as many of the employees involved as possible another job internally. I'd like to talk about that further.

Are there any urgent questions or sharing information with De Unieplease contact me on 06-52522 091.