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Contract catering: Consultation suspended!

The current collective labor agreement for contract catering expires on 1 April 2019. Is early February De Unie, together with the other unions and employers in catering, started talks about a new collective labor agreement. With this newsletter we keep de Unie-members informed about the negotiations to achieve a realistic wage increase, good development opportunities and sustainable employability.


Monday, March 25, 2019 was the fourth round of negotiations for the new collective labor agreement. At the end of the third round, the trade unions made a clear call to employers to come up with a better package. Otherwise there was no point in negotiating further. Feedback from trade union members was also clear. Make a serious offer and start negotiating. We have also given them this message and asked employers to come up with a concrete commitment.

Employer package

After a long suspension, the employers came up with a total package. See their package below.

  1. Employers want to make agreements as of December 2019 on a shared vision for the future that should have an effect on the collective labor agreement that takes effect from April 2020.
  2. Employers want a sustainable employability scan for employees where the competencies entice, surprise, flexibility, vitality and digital skills are tested. With the help of e-learning, the employee can work on the desired competences.
  3. Employers want to use a so-called 'BRAVO scan' to provide insight into his / her vitality and create more awareness among employees about his / her health.
  4. They want to do a pilot with self-rostering at two locations to create more flexibility.
  5. Extra emphasis is placed on the existing target group policy.
  6. Increase the attractiveness of the industry through, among other things, the scans and profiling.
  7. The employers want to keep a level playing field by retaining the universally binding declaration (AVV) of the collective labor agreement.
  8. According to the employers, the wage margin offers scope for a wage increase of 1,5% from July 2019 and 0,5% from January 2020 for a one-year contract. A possible improvement of the travel allowance can only be done at the expense of the wage increase. The employers consider this a suitable offer compared to other comparable sectors and the inflation.

Suspend consultation

The package is a bit more concrete but still the same as what we said last time was insufficient to talk about. So now we do what we said to do last time if there is no better offer. We have suspended negotiations until the employers come up with a better offer. Not only the coming negotiation days, but also all consultations in the foundations and funds of the contract catering have been suspended by the unions.

Comments welcome

Questions and / or suggestions about this situation are always welcome by e-mail or call me on 06-5252 2074. I love to listen to the story!