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Contract catering: various current affairs

I, Emanuel Geurts, hereby inform you about a number of matters in contract catering, such as the upcoming collective labor agreement negotiations, pension study, contract catering conference and code room.

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Congress on the future

During the conference, employees, employers and clients from the catering industry entered into a discussion about the future of catering. The main conclusions, resulting from the different dialogue sessions, are briefly summarized below:

  • Understanding and trust between employee and employer
    Collaboration is necessary to make the sector future-proof. The gap between the workplace and the office must disappear. By seeking each other out and by continuing to involve employees. Keep asking each other questions and taking each other seriously until you feel confident in understanding each other.
  • Proud of the catering
    The catering industry is a wonderful industry that should be promoted more often. Both by employee and employer to each other, to clients, to guests and to potential employees. The image of the catering must be dusted off and the sector must show its added value in taking advantage of new opportunities in the changing world.
  • Craftsmanship
    The catering employee is a professional and would like space and responsibility to use his/her expertise in hospitality for the guest. Knowledge in the sector must be maintained and expanded. Continue to invest in training and career prospects to attract new hires and retain current employees.
  • Flexibility and customization
    Sectors such as catering, retail, cleaning and other facility services are increasingly coming together. The broadening of working in hospitality is seen as an opportunity. This provides the opportunity to offer more hours in employment contracts. However, flexibility should be rewarded. By giving the employee more room for control. This can be done by self-rostering, maintaining control over one's own career prospects and creating a level playing field in terms of employment. The conference was the first step towards a new future-proof catering with a matching collective labor agreement.

CLA Contract catering

Earlier this year De Unie and the other trade unions, together with the employers' association VOCC, have concluded a collective labor agreement for contract catering with a term from 1 April 2021 to 1 April 2022. This collective labor agreement also contains a study agreement to look together at the future of contract catering and the associated employment conditions. Employers' associations Veneca and VOCC recently gave the unions a message sent to discuss a new collective labor agreement from April 2022. An invitation and concrete dates for the collective labor agreement negotiations will follow.

Congress Code Responsible Market Conduct

The Code Responsible Market Conduct organized an online talk show Code Responsible Market Conduct on Tuesday 9 November; From policy to practice: what does the Code bring you? You can watch this talk show on Specific information about the code and the contract catering sector can be found here..


The board of Pensioenfonds Horeca & Catering has asked social partners in the catering industry and contract catering to jointly explore the possibilities offered by the new national pension legislation. In order to inform you about the new pension schemes, we have set up a so-called 'infographic' created. You can also find more information about your pension via the fund's website


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