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Contract catering: The 3rd round of collective bargaining

The current collective labor agreement for contract catering expires on 1 April 2019. On February 11, 2019 De Unie, together with the other unions and employers in catering, started talks about a new collective labor agreement. With this newsletter we keep de Unie-members informed about the negotiations to achieve a realistic wage increase, good development opportunities and sustainable employability.

3e Negotiation day

The third round of negotiations for the new collective labor agreement took place on Tuesday 12 March 2019. At the request of the employers, we spent two days discussing developments in the industry, the future vision of work and industrial relations. On the third day we also wanted to know what the employers want in concrete terms with the terms of employment. After talking about developments in general for almost a whole day, we suspended the consultation. We then indicated that employers now really had to become concrete about our commitment and their negotiating points. She only partially succeeded and was also very disappointing. Below the collective labor agreement proposals De Unie and verbal proposals from employers.


De Unie proposes a clear wage increase that leads to a real improvement in purchasing power. Purchasing power improves when the employee earns more than the depreciation of money (inflation). Inflation for the year 2019 is 2,5%. So we are talking about a pay increase that is clearly more. The employers also consider the purchasing power of the employees important. Their translation is a wage increase of 1,5% from July 2019 and 0,5% from January 2020 for a one-year contract. According to employers, any improvement in the travel allowance can only be done at the expense of the structural wage increase. That is not even conservation of purchasing power and therefore very disappointing!

Sustainable employability

De Unie wants a voluntary scheme to reduce work progressively. A scheme in which the employee still works 80% of his hours, receives 90% salary and 100% pension accrual. The employers do not find this the solution, partly because the pension fund does not like the implementation. The trade unions are not yet convinced of this and want to discuss the proposal.

Development and training

De Unie wants good opportunities for employees to do training courses to maintain their level in their own position. We also want opportunities to follow training courses for positions within or outside the industry. The employers also want to take steps in this regard, but are looking for new ways to achieve this. De Unie does the good work of the collective labor agreement working group and the website mentioned again. If you really pay attention to personal development, it works well. Just look at the results and the success at caterers Hutten and Sodexo!


De Unie wants attention to health, non-smoking, sustainable food and exercise. An interview or scan every three years to determine whether the employee is on the right track. Employers also consider vitality important, but have not yet made any concrete proposals. They want to flesh out this further and make it visible together with the trade unions.

Next conversations

The following rounds are planned on Monday 25 and Tuesday 26 March 2019. Thursday the 28March is a reserve date. The question is what employers do with the clear call from the trade unions to put a better package on the table. Otherwise it makes no sense to negotiate further. We keep de Uniemembers of course. Questions and / or suggestions are always welcome via e-mail or call me on 06-5252 2074. I love to listen to the story!