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CED and SOS International: Harmonization of collective agreements

After very long and intensive negotiations, we finally reached a negotiation result with the management of CED on 1 collective labor agreement at the end of last week.   employees employed by CED and SOS International. Earlier, the parties to the collective labor agreement had virtually reached agreement on the collective labor agreement, after which the Corona crisis broke out. This has literally "turned everything upside down"! During the negotiation process we always consulted the works council.

You will find the document drawn up by CED here. , about which the CLA parties have now reached a negotiation result. We request de Uniemembers to read this Annex carefully, after all, it is up to the members of De Unie to cast a vote on this.

Below we explain some topics from the negotiation result:

Material enhancements

Unfortunately, the financial situation in which CED finds itself is such that CED offers little room for negotiation for a structural wage increase. This also means that in addition to an amount of € 500 gross (in proportion to the employment), to be paid out in November 2020, a structural wage increase of 2021% was only offered in November 1 for all employees of CED. and SOS International. Given the current situation and the uncertainty of what the coming period will bring, this was the maximum that could be achieved now. For the rest, we refer you to the explanation in the appendix in which the financial circumstances in which CED finds itself, as further explained by the management of CED. Due to the developments surrounding the Corona crisis, it is currently incalculable how the economy is developing in the Netherlands. For this reason, we are consulting with the management of CED more than before. Another meeting with the management is scheduled in two weeks.

Harmonization of collective agreements

  • As part of the harmonization of both collective labor agreements, the health insurance contribution for CED employees will be canceled on 1 November 2021. A one-off net contribution of € 187 will be reimbursed to the CED employees for the period from November 1, 2020 / November 1, 2021, after which CED no longer owes a contribution to the health insurance.
  • Another change relates to some of the CED employees (function groups 1 to 6). This group of employees works an average of 38 hours a week and receives 13 ADV days. All employees now work 40 hours a week and these employees therefore receive 2 hours extra salary per week compared to the current situation. They also build pension, holiday allowance and the 13e month on. At SOS International the working hours were already 40 hours per week; nothing changes for them.
  • The height of the irregularity allowance (ORT), as SOS International now knows, will remain unchanged. Moreover, the ORT scheme will also apply to all employees (including at CED) who work irregular hours.
  • The year-end bonus for employees of SOS International is replaced by a 13e month. The employees of CED already have this. About these 13e month the employee also accrues pension and vacation allowance. The structural salary increase involved in this for the employees of SOS International is therefore 1,3% on top of the other increases mentioned earlier.
  • The function house of CED will also apply to SOS International.

To vote

We present this negotiation result to the members in a neutral manner. They have since received an invitation to vote.


If you have any questions, please contact the representative, Ton van Eijden, by e-mail