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CBR: CLA negotiations suspended

Last Thursday, January 30, 2020, De Unie The negotiations on the collective labor agreement with the CBR continued together with 't Gilde and the FNV. As we have indicated in our previous message, there is a big difference between the wishes of vakbondand that of CBR. Unfortunately, these differences have not narrowed much during this round of negotiations.

The CBR maintains its position that a wage increase must be partly paid with deterioration in your employment conditions. For example, she still wants to use the 3-month benefit on retirement and the net expense allowance to pay for a limited salary increase. So the gap has not yet closed. We also do not have an agreement about the salary and the term.

Vakbondand have suspended consultations until February 11, 2020. The CBR will still have to take steps to achieve an acceptable collective labor agreement result. In the meantime, we will enter into discussions with our executive groups to see what possible next steps are and what room there is to possibly bridge the gap.

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