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CBR: CLA agreement reached, new CLA negotiations start

You can read that on the intranet site of the CBR De Unie has reached a definitive collective labor agreement. A vast majority of De Uniemembers voted in favor. So not everyone is satisfied. I'm sorry De Unie, but all in all it has become a supported agreement. This agreement is not the end of a process, but actually much more the beginning of the next CLA process.

What means De Unie with this?

Many discussions have been held together in the past period. Often very solid discussions about the content of this collective labor agreement. Sometimes emotions flared up. Partly about the content, but more often it was about other matters. Trust in the management of the CBR and the managers is not optimal. We have that as De Unie regularly brought up in all those consultations. We are convinced that if we do not work on this properly, we will have the same problems again in the next collective labor agreement process. It has been agreed to first tackle this item properly together. It is the approach of De Unie that we are not going to talk about the employees, but that we are really getting everyone involved. What's going well? What is bothering you? And especially how are we going to solve it. Many questions, but we will not run away from them, in fact some De Unie this is the most important issue that really needs to be resolved.

In addition, we will for the next collective bargaining first de Unieask members for input for the next collective labor agreement.

In short, this is not the end, but the beginning of a beautiful adventure that every member of De Unie will play an important role. We are looking forward to it.


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