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Care of the Cause

On Friday, December 4 De Unie a negotiation result reached with your employer for the new Cao Zorg van de Zaak. You can control the negotiation result here .

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The floor is now up to the members. They have been notified by email to cast their vote. In front of De Unie the opinion of the members is decisive. If the majority agrees, we will sign the collective labor agreement.


De Unie finds it positive that we were able to conclude a negotiation result with a structural salary increase. Given the economic circumstances as a result of the lockdown measures, the agreed 1,5% salary increase is a nice appointment for an occupational health and safety service.

The abolition of the assessment increase is a wish of Zorg van de Zaak. From De Unie there was a need to simplify the system for individual salary increases. We finally agreed on an annual fixed salary step for employees who have not yet reached their scale maximum. You can read these agreements in detail in the negotiation result.

De Unie the collective labor agreement negotiations have started with the proposal to make proper agreements about working from home. This was an important wish of the members. However, we have not resolved that. Zorg van de Zaak is working on the subject, employees who work from home can request facilities. De Unie has succeeded in agreeing a one-off payment for the year 2020. This is compensation for the extra costs you incurred because you started working from home.

Everything is taken together De Unie positive about the negotiation result.


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