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Cao Travel Industry news update

As de Uniemembers have read before, we are well on the way to modernizing the collective labor agreement. We hope to reach an agreement with the employers (collective labor agreement parties) in June. In the past weeks, 6 sessions have been held with enthusiastic employers and employees. Topics: what are modern terms and conditions of employment, what do employees encounter in the current collective labor agreement. Which articles / themes are unclear and raise questions? Or do not work well in practice and how can this be done differently, better?

These 6 sessions were extremely useful and help us to take further steps and make choices. In addition, it is nice to see that we are an industry with a lot of energy, enthusiasm and creativity!

What has stood out so far in this collective labor agreement process?

Great diversity

Our industry has an (ever) increasing degree of diversity. Emerging from retail, we now see that the types of business activities and functions have increased significantly. The new collective labor agreement will therefore have to offer a framework that applies to everyone.

Agreements on several levels

Agreements about employment conditions are made in various ways. Sometimes matters are regulated by law. Other subjects are included in our industry collective labor agreement. But many companies also apply their own (additional) schemes. Deviations from the collective labor agreement are only permitted if they deviate in a favorable sense for the employee. It is not always clear to employees how agreements are made. Perhaps the overview below will help.

Autonomy, development and self-direction

The conversations make it clear that there is a great need for more self-direction for employees. Within the framework of business operations, there is a need to make greater choices about development paths, working hours or the exchange of employment conditions. We are going to work on this.

Tour guides in the collective labor agreement

The discussions revealed a common wish of employers and employees to properly describe and guarantee the position of tour guides in the collective labor agreement.


During the discussions it became clear that the current allowances in the collective labor agreement can be an important part of their income for employees. There is debate about whether the way in which these allowances are now awarded is clear to everyone and the right way. This applies, for example, to overtime, but also to standby shifts.

What now?

We are intensively puzzling about the new collective labor agreement! The remuneration survey is still ongoing and we still have a number of innovation topics to be discussed with each other at the collective labor agreement, such as remuneration and contract types. In addition, we will further investigate how we can best make collective agreements for the tour guides. The planning is still to come up with a good negotiation result in June.

Latest news

No higher ANVR wage offer for the CLA of Nov 1, 2018 - Summer 2019 (interim CLA). Moreover, the ANVR no longer wants to negotiate about this. It offers 2% as of 1 July 2019 (upon termination of the CLA). This is an average increase of 1% over the term of the collective labor agreement. At an inflation rate of more than 2,5%, this means a decrease in purchasing power.

How about it again?

De Unie and other vakbondand negotiate 2 collective labor agreements with the ANVR:

  1. The CLA from November 2018 to summer 2019
  2. The modernization collective labor agreement from approximately the summer of 2019.

The previous collective labor agreement was terminated on 1 November 2018. The new modernization collective labor agreement is not expected to take effect until mid-summer 2019. Therefore, the vakbondand argued for a collective labor agreement in the interim period. The employers want this, but offer a wage increase that is too low. At the beginning of this month, we asked again if they would like to come up with a better offer.

The negotiating delegation of the ANVR announced today (March 14, 2019) that the ANVR is not willing to make a higher wage offer. This gives rise to doubts as to whether the ANVR really wants a modernization collective labor agreement that will also be in line with the market in wages. De Unie will consider this situation.


Are there any questions about this modernization process or the 'intermediate collective labor agreement'? Then contact me by e-mail