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Cao Rabobank and Obvion

Monday, November 9 De Unie, Rabobank and the other trade unions also discussed a new collective labor agreement with effect from 1 January 2021. This member letter provides feedback on this.

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CLA negotiations

Leave and other items, flex and remuneration were on the agenda. These topics had not been discussed with each other before. In the case of leave, this involved supplementing up to 100% of the salary for both the partner leave and the short-term care leave. We can work that out together. As a result of a judgment of the European Court, the value of an hour of leave must also include the EBB and any shift work allowance. So we have to do something with that. The bank will also provide sample calculations on how this will work out, but in principle it will be more expensive to buy leave. The trade unions have also made proposals about, among other things, the work of trade unions, the vakbondcontribution and the position of confidential advisers and interns in the collective labor agreement. The bank will come back to all these points.

On the subject of flex, we considered the ratio between permanent and flexible staff at the bank. What are the underlying reasons for the current numbers and proportions and what exactly does the flexible shell consist of? Attention has also been drawn to the development of temporary workers. The bank has collected information about flex and will get back to us.

Naturally, the subject of reward including GROW! Has been considered. The bank wants to do a study with us into the decoupling of assessment & reward and what makes appreciation more than rewarding. The outcome of the study would then be included in a subsequent collective labor agreement. The bank is considering a collective labor agreement for one year with the option of introducing matters in the interim if necessary. A collective labor agreement of less than one year (6 months) is not entirely non-negotiable for the company. In view of the current (economic) uncertainties, the bank does not want a structural cost increase in any form such as a wage increase, EBB increase and / or extra leave. The bank also does not want to include EC staff under the collective labor agreement. There is room for something incidental.

The trade unions want GROW! also furnish differently. It is now becoming too much of a performance management tool. We can also arrive at a collective labor agreement of no more than one year. Unlike the bank, the trade unions are aiming for a 3% structural wage increase, which is also possible via the EBB, extra days off and / or an increase in the wage scales. Our explanation is that we look at the performance of the staff and the long period of relative stagnation of the 'stayers', while there were good wage increases in other financials. It is not without reason that wages came first in the employee survey at the end of last year. In short, a big difference on this point between the CLA parties.


We still have the whole day on Thursday 26 November and Thursday morning 10 December to further negotiate for a new CLA as from 1 January 2021. Although we have now dealt with all CLA subjects once, this is not a lot of time. Whether and how we are going to solve this remains to be seen. Are we going for a large or small package of CLA agreements, what is the 'value' of the package and what do the members think of it? I would therefore like to hear your opinion about where we are now and which (im) possibilities you see via emanuel.geurts@unie.nl. Thanks in advance!


If you want to respond to this member letter or want to contact me about a collective case, you can reach me via emanuel.geurts@unie.nl or via my telephone number 06-5252 2074. For individual advice you can contact my colleagues from the Service Center department on 0345-851 963, via email sc@unie.nl or the chat function on www.unie.nl. We are happy to help you!