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VGZ collective labor agreement consultations 7 April 2021

Start on Wednesday April 7 De Unie the collective labor agreement consultations at VGZ. This consultation starts with our proposal letter. In this newsletter I indicate what the members of De Unie want to achieve in collective bargaining. Below you can read the draft proposal letter. I am curious about your opinion on this.

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Concept of proposal letter De Unie CAO-VGZ


  • A structural salary increase of 3%.
  • We include the homeworking allowance in the collective labor agreement. VGZ temporarily pays a reimbursement of € 75 per month. The amount concerns the situation in which employees work from home completely. De Unie proposes that this allowance should also be laid down in the collective labor agreement for the future for employees who work from home completely.

In a hybrid work form, where you work partly at home and partly at the office, we want to agree on a pro rata fee.

Work-life balance

In recent months, VGZ employees have shown that they can carry out their work from home in a good and responsible manner. De Unie proposes to lay down in the collective labor agreement that VGZ will continue hybrid work in the future. The members value the possibility to continue to do their work from home. The members also value being able to work together with colleagues again. We advocate for employees to make choices themselves, whether or not jointly with colleagues in self-organizing teams.

Healthy working conditions

  • The work pressure of many employees is very high. In the situation of working from home, there is a risk that insufficient attention is paid to this. De Unie suggests to use the working pressure gauge instrument. With this instrument, the workload per team can be measured, the comparison with other teams ensures objectification of the measurement results.
  • The layout of the home workplace must comply with occupational health and safety standards. De Unie proposes to provide employees with an annual budget for this.

Job security

It is important for employees that they can continue to develop. The activities at VGZ continue to change, whether or not as a result of reorganisations. The Cao-VGZ includes various instruments that help employees to prepare in good time for a career elsewhere or for another position within VGZ. The best guarantee of job security for employees is that they can qualify for positions at VGZ. De Unie has experienced at other companies that it is important for employees to be well informed about developments at VGZ, what are the jobs of the future? Or that they have good information about promising sectors. De Unie wants to investigate, together with VGZ, how VGZ employees can obtain the correct information about this.

Make your own choices

De Unie focuses on individual freedom of choice for employees. In the collective labor agreement we make agreements about the benefits and the scope of employment, but the employee puts together his own package. You can make your own choices about the times when budgets become available.

VGZ already offers various options for employees. For example, you have a personal choice budget and VGZ offers some flexibility to temporarily adjust your working hours. In these collective bargaining will De Unie make this starting point an important spearhead.

Your employability is an important employment condition at VGZ. You can make use of training courses that VGZ offers through the development platform Zelf aan zet. De Unie wants to agree that employees can also make use of initiatives from outside VGZ.

Your Vitality is the chapter in which VGZ also regulates your working hours. De Unie wants to facilitate employees to save leave, for example by temporarily working extra hours per month for savings leave.

Also when it comes to control over when and where you work, we want to place the choice as much as possible with the employee.


De Unie considers it important that employees are involved in decision-making about the pension scheme. The pension agreement requires a radical change to the pension scheme. De Unie therefore wants to make agreements about joint information to VGZ employees and agree on a consultation procedure.


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