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NN Group CLA consultation suspended

On Wednesday January 20, 2021 De Unie again consulted with NN-Group about your new collective labor agreement. We did not get any further in this. I would like to give you an update.

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Consultation report 20 January 2021

In the previous posts of De Unie you have already read that the negotiations are very difficult. De Unie merged and reduced the proposals together with the other trade unions in the previous consultation. With a joint proposal, we wanted to show that we wanted to work seriously on a two-year collective labor agreement, because the one-year collective labor agreement does not offer sufficient prospects for reaching a solution with NN-Group. Your employer responded to this on 20 January 2021. Your employer concludes that there is no agreement on how NN-Group is doing and what the company needs to become future-proof. According to your employer, there is no equal starting point for moving forward in the negotiations. The parties are, according to your employer, too far apart. NN-Group has determined that an impasse has been reached. In the consultation, NN-Group pointed out once again that cost moderation is necessary and that there is only room for a wage increase if trade unions agree to cut spending on other topics.

Point of view De Unie

De Unie is of the opinion, together with the other trade unions, that it is not useful to continue talking in this way. If the employer, despite the compensation from the trade unions, finds an impasse, then we can only conclude that both a one-year and a two-year collective labor agreement lacks the beckoning perspective. As a result, we have informed employers that we will suspend collective bargaining, because we feel the need to discuss the situation that has arisen with our members.

How does it go on?

De Unie wants to talk to you. We will do this by means of a survey and in online member meetings. We do this together with the other trade unions. You will receive more information about this shortly De Unie.

In addition, we will of course continue to inform you about the progress of the work of the TPOW workgroup (Time and Place Independent Work). The working group in which the trade unions, employer and employee representatives are represented, is trying to prepare a joint proposal at the beginning of March.


Do you have any questions regarding this message? Then contact me. This can be done by sending an email to: or call: 06-5252 2091. You will receive further information about the membership consultation on January 26, 2021.