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Achmea collective labor agreement consultations

De Unie asked the members for their opinion on the terms of employment at Achmea. Many members responded to this and many suggestions for discussion points were provided. Thank you very much for this, it helps enormously in the preparation of the collective labor agreement negotiations. We cannot include all suggestions in the proposal letter. Subjects put forward by many members are included in the collective labor agreement negotiations.

In the survey, the topics of work pressure and TOP were tested among the members.


A narrow majority of the members indicate that the workload is high or too high. This differs from the result of the Employee Satisfaction Survey, in which Achmea also surveyed the workload perception. De Unie does include this subject in the proposal letter. It is an issue that is important to many members.

The following are mentioned as important causes of the high workload:

  • Too few employees for the work to be done.
  • Achmea can allow employees to make more use of Select.
  • Extra (urgent) work to be performed on top of the planning.
  • Age plays a role in the workload that you can handle.

TOP Guarantee:

The introduction of TOP (Developing Talent and Performance) has been well received by its members everywhere De Unie. To make the further rollout a success, there are a number of points that Achmea must pay attention to.

  • The manager must be a TOP coach, but also supervise the implementation of KPIs. This seems difficult to reconcile.
  • More coaching is needed when starting with team plans and team assessments.
  • KPIs should weigh less heavily.
  • Not all departments have started with TOP.
  • The emphasis is on Performance, there is still little attention for recognizing talent and developing employees.

These points for attention are through De Unie contributed to the periodic consultation with Achmea. And we also want to include this in the evaluation of TOP.

Other subjects

The members put forward various topics in the survey for collective bargaining. The most important of these are:

  • The diversity day is relatively irritating because the application appears to be random.
  • Employees who have a home-work distance higher than 50 km now receive no compensation for all travel kilometers. People would like to see this changed.
  • There is a need for an elderly policy.
  • Standby and overtime also provide financial compensation for positions in scale H and higher.
  • More attention for career paths for people over 50.

In the proposal letter of De Unie a proposal has been included for policy on the elderly, the diversity day and more attention to career paths. We would probably be better off putting the travel allowance on the agenda for a subsequent collective labor agreement. From the previous collective bargaining negotiations, the subject of equal pay has remained. This raises the question of why different standby and overtime arrangements apply to employees in scale H and higher.

Some members indicate that they are dissatisfied with the new lease scheme. The busy open-plan offices and the limited number of workplaces are also often mentioned. However, these two subjects are not regulated in the collective labor agreement. Achmea's central works council has made agreements about this in a personnel scheme. So I bring this up in the consultations I regularly have with the central works council.

Other contracts

De Unie has also concluded a pension scheme and a social plan with Achmea. This is also mentioned by various members in the survey. The current social plan still runs until 31 December 2020. In the course of 2020, a new social plan will only be negotiated. It is not on the agenda in collective bargaining. The current pension agreement runs until December 31, 2021. Until December 31, 2021, we currently do not foresee any changes to the pension scheme. But due to the pension agreement and the current low interest rate, this is a subject that must be followed carefully.


Collective bargaining will begin on October 30, 2019. We will de Unie-members then inform them again by e-mail.

More information about Achmea and De Unie is here to read.


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