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CLA negotiations at Achmea in final phase

The collective labor agreement negotiations at Achmea are in the final phase. We have one more meeting in the agenda, this is on December 10, 2018. On Thursday, November 29, 2018 De Unie CLA consultations held. This was the penultimate meeting and we have now been able to take some steps. You can read about the progress we have made in the report below.

Collective bargaining agreement

The consultation mainly concerns pension and salary. Pension is an important employment condition. The current implementation agreement will expire on 31 December 2018. A new implementation agreement must be concluded and the legislation prescribes that the implementation agreement must be valid for between 3 and 5 years. So we make decisions that will have consequences.

Defined contribution scheme proposal withdrawn

Your employer initially proposed to drastically change your pension scheme. The defined contribution scheme, which your employer wanted to introduce, would mean many changes for you and probably no improvement. Your employer has decided, due to opposition from the trade unions, to withdraw this pension proposal entirely. Unfortunately, your employer then finds this a reason to limit the salary increase. For example, it seems as if the employees are being punished because we want to agree on a good pension scheme for you.

Retirement savings

Your employer wants to continue the current pension scheme, but at a lower cost. De Unie can go a long way in this. Your pension fund, SPA, also recognizes that pension costs can be moderate. SPA has a large capital, the return on this capital is much higher than the annual pension premium. A slightly lower pension contribution will have little effect on your pension accrual or indexation. A lower pension contribution is something De Unie is negotiable, but it must be justified.


For De Unie a good salary increase is an absolute condition. In the collective labor agreement consultations of 29 November 2018, we adjusted the salary demand to 3%. Your employer stays with the aforementioned 1,5%.

Other subjects

We have many important topics on the agenda for collective bargaining. But we find that almost all topics are overlooked in the discussion about pension and salary increases. We have therefore agreed to postpone some of these topics to 2019. However, we will make clear agreements about the term and approach, so that the decision-making process is already prepared for the next collective labor agreement. This will apply to subjects such as policy for the elderly, a development budget and faster progress through the salary scales.

A limited number of subjects are easy to enter. For example, paternity leave will be introduced and a so-called verification obligation will be included in the collective labor agreement. The latter is important for temporary workers. A provision on labor market supplements will also be added to the Achmea collective labor agreement. De Unie has ensured that the collective labor agreement provision does not interfere with individual agreements.

Next meeting

The last meeting will be on December 10, 2018. Then a decision must be made about the salary increase and about the pension.

What do you think of your employer's proposal? Is a 1,5% salary increase suitable for Achmea?

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