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Start of ASML CA consultations

During the members' meeting of October 16, 2020, we reflected on the state of affairs regarding the upcoming collective labor agreement negotiation process at ASML. In that meeting, Suat Koetloe officially said goodbye as your Union representative. During this meeting, the new advocate at ASML, Sjerp Holteman, was presented. In the meeting we presented the draft proposal letter based on the results of the DigiC study. We included the members present in the process that has recently started, which should lead to formal consultation with ASML about the new ASML collective labor agreement to be formed. ASML has invited the unions for consultation and made a number of date proposals for this. Friday, October 30, it has been decided that we will start on Monday November 2. The proposal letter was then sent to ASML, which you can find via this link: proposal letter ASML.

We are committed to constructive consultation in which the insights from the research process will be leading. In the negotiations, Sjerp will work together with my colleague Inge de Vries. As is now known, a CLA result to be achieved will be presented to all ASML employees. The outcome of this wide consultation determines the final position of De Unie.