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ASML wants its own collective labor agreement

As are known De Unie and ASML in discussion about a company-specific ASML collective labor agreement. Two member meetings have since been held. During the first meeting on February 10, an explanation was given of the discussions we had with ASML and the process that we will be going through in the run-up to the upcoming collective labor agreement negotiations.


During this members' meeting, we provided an explanation of DigiC, a contemporary way to arrive at an appropriate and supported collective labor agreement. De Unie has been working with this model for a number of years, at more and more collective labor agreements. For more information:

Panel discussions with employees are part of the DigiC methodology. A number of Union members also participated in these talks. The panel discussions have all been completed and during a telephone (as a result of the corona measures) meeting on March 18, we explained the results of these panel discussions to members who called in to this meeting.


The next step in the DigiC process is an online consultation for you and your colleagues. This is done by means of a survey, conducted by independent research agency MWM2-Innervoice. The panel discussions have been translated into a questionnaire that is sent to all ASML employees. You will receive this questionnaire on Monday, March 30.

For De Unie the output of this questionnaire will be leading in the discussions with ASML about a company-specific collective labor agreement. We therefore call on you to complete this questionnaire.

The next steps

After the closing date of the questionnaire on April 17, the research agency will make a preliminary report. This is then presented to panels of employees, after which the final report is drawn up. This report is then shared with everyone (employees, vakbondand, works council (OR) and ASML).

During the negotiations De Unie using the report as a starting point to negotiate with ASML about the collective labor agreement.

All vakbondand are invited to participate in the collective bargaining negotiations. Once there is one

agreement has been reached on a new collective labor agreement, this agreement will be presented to all employees. De Unie will only sign the new collective labor agreement if a majority of employees have responded positively to it.


For our members, we will continue to organize (for the time being digital) meetings for our members in the coming period. We do this so that we can continue to inform you properly about all steps, the content, and continue to talk to you about questions, concerns and suggestions. As a member you can of course contact us individually at any time with all your questions, whether it concerns the collective labor agreement or your personal situation.

Sincerely and stay healthy!

Suat Koetloe