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Cao negotiation Contract catering

The CLA for contract catering expired on April 1, 2019. Until we have a new CLA, the old CLA contract catering will still be valid.


Conversation between employers and unions

Employers and trade unions spoke constructively with each other on 22 May 2019 about the new collective labor agreement for the contract catering industry. Unfortunately, this has not yet led to an agreement. Both parties think it is important to continue talking with each other in the short term and have therefore made a follow-up appointment on 13 June next. So to be continued soon.

What is the opinion of de Uniemembers?

De Unie negotiates on behalf of de Uniemembers for a new collective labor agreement. What is needed for a good collective labor agreement? If you, as a Union member, get a few members and / or colleagues together, then I and / or my colleague Han ter Halle will come by to discuss this together. Mail me via or call 06-5252 2074 for an appointment or to share an opinion.

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