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Collective labor agreement and periodic consultation ING

This letter of members focuses on the first steps towards a new collective labor agreement as of 1 January 2021 and the periodic consultation on 30 September.

CLA process and commitment De Unie

Friday, September 18, 2020, the three vakbonds directors consulted with the chairman of the Board of the Netherlands Ruud van Dusschoten and HR director Maarten van Beek about the (digital) negotiations, the economic situation, the expectations of employees and the four working groups. A good consultation where ambitions, concerns and preconditions are discussed back and forth.
The work groups Time and Place unbound work, Flex work code, Wellbeing and Craftsmanship are at work. They provide advice to the CLA parties.
Now we ask our members to give up their commitment to the coming collective labor agreement. So what is important to them in the coming collective labor agreement and would you like that De Unie will contribute during the negotiations? This is possible up to and including Monday 5 October next via With their input and the 2020 perspective memorandum of De Unie the executives and I make the commitment letter for the negotiations. They will receive the commitment letter on Friday 9 October 2020, just like ING.
The first negotiation for the collective labor agreement is scheduled for Wednesday 28 October 2020. Shortly afterwards, the members will receive feedback via a member letter.

Periodic consultations

On 30 September, the trade unions held periodic consultations with ING and some also with a delegation from the Central Works Council. On the agenda of the meeting was the state of affairs with regard to the squads of the current collective labor agreement on learning account, happiness at work, innovation budget, CMU and pilot unlimited leave. Progress is being made on all squads, some more than others.

The trade unions also received an explanation from Helène Erftemeijer, KYC Lead Market Leaders about Transaction Monitoring Netherlands (TMNL). The first steps are now being taken with secondments from the five participating banks in TMN's (top) management. The next step is to hire employees. The question is which terms of employment apply to those employees? The answer to this question will follow, but if it is up to us, of course, good working conditions!

The unions then received an explanation of the developments at Tech by Senior HR Business Partner Athena Koekkoek. She updated us about the design of five tech hubs, the shortages or availability of knowledge in places within ING, the development of employees in their skills and Mastery Day.

Member recruitment

September was the month of the vakbond at ING. More than 70 ING employees took up the offer to become a member of De Unie at the expense of ING. A great result!


Would you like to respond to this member letter or do you have any questions? Please contact me via or call me on 06-5252 2074. You can of course also contact the executives within ING.


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