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Cao CBR? Our members decide whether it will be there or not!

On Wednesday, January 10, 2018, we held an information meeting about the CLA result in Utrecht. A lot of comments were made there and some questions were asked for clarification. Read the negotiation result here.

Based on this, we have been able to conclude that it is now clear to most colleagues what the negotiation result entails. The time of negotiation is now really over. The CBR has made it clear that, as far as they are concerned, there is no longer any room to make improvements to the result as it is now available. So the time to indicate what could be better or different is over. There are good points and less good points in the result. This differs per person. There is no more to it.

The question now before us is what our members think. They have been notified by e-mail to be able to vote.

Clearly every vote is important. If you have a colleague who is not yet a member of De Unie and still want to vote, you can. Go to and let them register. You will then receive a gift voucher from and your colleague can also vote. We will let you know the results after 28 January 2018. If a majority of members say “yes”, we will have a new collective labor agreement. If a majority says "no", we will come back and it is up to the members what will happen and what they will do themselves.


If you still have questions about the content of the agreement, please let me know by e-mail