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Cao Banks: negotiations continue in January

The Cao Banks expires this year. Last week, we met with the employers' representatives to discuss the process for the new collective bargaining agreement. The employers' association has indicated that the covid-19 pandemic has many uncertainties and impact in the banking sector in combination with the differences per bank.

We have explored the possibilities of reaching collective bargaining agreements for a short-term collective labor agreement on a number of main themes. Think of wages, working differently (time-place independent working TPOW), work-life balance and pension. This does not make it feasible for us to reach a collective labor agreement on the main themes, including collective wage development, at this time.
For that reason, employers and unions have jointly decided to suspend collective bargaining until mid-January 2021. As soon as the negotiations start, we will approach our members to gather input for our efforts.

Two studies

In anticipation of the follow-up meeting, the parties have decided to start with two studies on the subjects Working Differently (TPOW) and Pension. The current CLA has an effect until a new CLA is concluded.


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