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On Monday, November 2, 2020, collective bargaining consultations about ASML's own collective labor agreement started. All trade unions involved with ASML were invited to the consultation. Unfortunately De Unie the only one tied it up vakbondside was represented. In the consultation, ASML and De Unie her proposals were explained and the results of the DigiC study in which more than 7.000 ASML employees took part were central.


ASML has again argued why it wants to introduce an integrated package of employment conditions with its own collective labor agreement. ASML has emphasized that its own collective labor agreement must enable customization. The own collective labor agreement must meet the wishes of the employees, have an international character and position ASML as an attractive employer on the international labor market. In addition, the collective labor agreement must be easily accessible. ASML's collective labor agreement proposals are based on both the results of the DigiC process and the core values ​​of ASML (Care, Collaborate and Challenge).

ASML has made the following proposals in outline:

  • Work / life balance: Part of this is the introduction of a short-term Generation Pact for more salary and age groups. In this context, ASML is strongly committed to breaking through age limits in the more traditional working conditions instruments that protect the work-life balance for more age groups.
  • Appreciation and reward: ASML has not made a concrete proposal, but has indicated that it wishes to switch to a competitive remuneration system that is uniform worldwide.
  • Sustainable employability: This theme is seen as a multi-year program with the aim of achieving an integrated policy in this area. Part of this could be the design of, for example, a mobility center

ASML has also confirmed that:

  • The value of the new package of employment conditions in the ASML collective labor agreement will be at least equal to the current employment conditions;
  • the profit distribution remains unchanged;
  • the ambition is to allow employees to make their own choices within their terms of employment.

You can do ASML's proposals here .

We have also further explained our starting points and proposals.

In summary, our principles are:

  • The own ASML collective labor agreement has at least an equivalent package of employment conditions to the current one;
  • salary increase and term of the collective labor agreement depending on the agreements to be made;
  • employees are given more control over their terms of employment.

You can make our proposals here read it again.


A follow-up meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, November 10.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact Sjerp Holterman at sjerp.holterman@unie.nl or call 06-5252 2030.