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CAK reorganization

Last year, the vakbondand had regular contact with your employer.

These conversations took place in a constantly different composition. As a result, it always came down to a renewed acquaintance with the club of people from the employers' side, who should give shape to the proposed reorganization.

On November 21, 2018 vakbondand again asked to meet the senior policy advisor Compensation & Benefits, Mr. Robert-Jos de Brouwer. Who has been given the assignment to carry out preparatory work related to the anticipated reduction in personnel within the CAK, which will include the social plan.

We hereby want to inform everyone how we (the vakbondand) have responded:

“As I already indicated in the telephone conversation we had on November 21, 2018, we are not waiting for another meeting.

We have been invited to the CAK at least three times for meetings of this nature. Every time we are presented with a different picture, but always with the same tendency that shifting tasks to the decentralized government will create a redundancy of personnel.

This shift would already be in order on January 1, 2019. This would affect about 300 people.

Several times we have insisted on investing in early mobility programs in order to avoid forced redundancies in the future. The CAK has indicated that it will start with this soon and on 2 October 2018 it is up to us (vakbondand) committed to come up with a timeframe quickly.

To date, as far as we can determine, this has not been met. At the same time, we hear from our members that, on the basis of the assumption that positions will disappear and are being asked to apply for other positions within the CAK, or to take matters into your own hands and look for a job outside the CAK, without that it is clear what can and can be expected in terms of facilities or facilities. Individual agreements are made without having to vakbondand whether OR agreements have been made. We therefore foresee displacement and legal inequality.

On the basis of the foregoing, the vakbondand only, and only then in consultation, when we can make agreements about the time schedule and mobility that will be deployed.

In fact, we wish to be invited in the short term to appoint employees on the basis of Article 49s of the ARAR groups for the preparatory phase in accordance with the VWNW policy for civil servants. In addition, we want to make agreements about mobility facilities that will apply to the other employees, whereby our commitment will be that these are the same as those in the VWNW policy for civil servants.

Awaiting a response, also on behalf of Inge de Vries, Bart Schnoor and
Mick Bleijerveld. FNV Government ”

In the remainder of this information, we will de Unieinvite members to a meeting soon.

De Uniemembers will hear as soon as possible when this will take place.


For questions or concerns, please contact the advocate via email