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Unions close deal for security guards Schiphol, strike of the job

De Unie Security, together with FNV and CNV, has reached an agreement with the employers of the security guards at Schiphol. For example, agreements have been made about lowering the workload and shortening working hours. A one-off wage increase of 700 euros in 2018 and a total of 5% over the years 2019 and 2020 has also been agreed. Thanks to the agreement - which was concluded late yesterday evening - the actions planned for September 4 have been definitively canceled.

“This agreement does justice to the interests of the security guards at Schiphol. They work under increasing pressure, while their salary does not reflect the economic growth from which the rest of Schiphol is benefiting, ”said Gertjan Tommel (negotiator on behalf of De Unie Security). “Thanks to the agreements made, the security guards are able to find a better balance between work and private life. With a good pay rise, the employers show that they appreciate the Schiphol security guards for the important work they perform day and night ”.

Reduce working pressure 
It has been agreed to schedule four weeks in advance from the second half of 2019, using so-called 'rolling schedules'. With a four-weekly 'rolling schedule', the security guards know their schedule earlier. This should ensure a better balance between work and private life. The agreed reduction in working hours of 8 hours per month helps to reduce the workload.

Job strike
De Unie Security has done everything behind the scenes to prevent the announced strike. “I am glad that it worked. The interests of the security guards and our members are important. But also those of the travelers ”, says Tommel. “The people who travel via Schiphol are our customers and I am proud that we managed to prevent them from being duped”.

Photo: KLM