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Unions transfer pension requirements to Minister Koolmees

The chairmen of the vakbondand FNV, CNV and VCP visited Minister Koolmees in The Hague on 26 March. They brought him the message that the 40.000 activists for better pensions showed last Monday. For the time being, the cabinet is not prepared to accommodate them.

The message from society was a loud call to adjust the pension system, to freeze the state pension age and to scrap the fine for early retirement. This also makes it easier to make appointments for people with heavy work. The unions also want pensions to rise with wages (indexation).

Wednesday 29 May

In addition, the chairmen Busker (FNV), Van Wijngaarden (CNV) and Van Holstein (VCP) spoke about the ultimatum that was issued to the cabinet at the end of last year. If the cabinet does not respond to the requirements, new actions will follow on Wednesday 29 May.

Originally, Minister Koolmees would receive the message from the activists on March 18 at the Malieveld. However, the meeting at the Malieveld was canceled due to the dramatic events that day in Utrecht.

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