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Earn extra during your retirement

You are retired: enjoying seas of free time. Or not? Many people choose to continue working, at least partly. It is sometimes not only financially attractive, but it can also be nice to be regularly involved in something and to have contact with others. But is that allowed, earn extra during your retirement? In general, yes. Unlimited even. There are, however, a few important points to note. We list them for you. Read them carefully and don't be surprised.

Early retirement

If you receive an old-age pension or retirement pension from employment, you can simply earn extra. But did you retire early? Then there are some other rules and restrictions. Especially if it takes more than five years until you reach the state pension age. For example, if you want to start 40 percent of your pension, you must also stop working for at least 40 percent – ​​or at least have that intention. Otherwise, the Tax and Customs Administration may see it as illegal. Of course, your intention can always change. Therefore, contact your pension fund: they can best inform you about the rules and restrictions that apply to you.

AOW supplement or AIO supplement

Do you receive an AOW supplement or AIO supplement in addition to your AOW benefit? Then your extra income from work may influence the amount. These amounts are intended to compensate for a (too) low pension income. If you start earning extra, your allowance or supplement will be lower or you may even no longer be entitled to this at all. On the website of the Social Insurance Bank (SVB) you will find more information about the impact of your extra income on your AOW allowance en PhD supplement.

Pay attention to your tax return

If you earn extra, you have more income to declare to the tax authorities. Your tax return concerns all your income together: think of your income from work, but also your state pension and pension. Pay extra attention to the following points:

  • Your extra earnings can put you in a higher tax bracket. This means you have to pay more tax.
  • As an AOW pensioner you no longer pay an AOW premium, which means that you have a little more net left over from your salary.
  • You can only have your payroll tax credit applied to one employer or benefits agency. This is usually the employer or benefits agency where you earn the most.
  • Your extra income can affect your entitled to certain allowances, such as health care and housing benefit. The amount can also change if you start earning more.
  • Do you earn money as an independent entrepreneur? Under certain conditions you are entitled to the self-employed deduction. Read more about this on the website of the tax authorities.

Curious about the tax consequences of your additional earnings during your retirement? Please contact the tax authorities.

Influence on your employment conditions and security

If you continue to work during your retirement, some things will work differently than before. † You are also , so you no longer receive benefits if you become unemployed or become incapacitated for work for a long time. However, you may be eligible for sickness benefits. On this website of the central government you will find extensive information about your rights if you continue to work during your retirement.

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Want to know more?

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