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Paid parental leave: this is what you need to know

For almost 25 years now, parents have been able to take parental leave: this means they can temporarily work less to spend more time with their newborn child. This leave is still unpaid. But that will soon change: from 2 August 2022 you are entitled to 9 weeks of paid leave. This allows you to focus even better on your family and new child, without any financial worries. Below we list the most important information about parental leave.

When are you entitled to parental leave?

Both parents are already entitled to a maximum of 26 weeks of parental leave during the first eight years of your child's life. This also applies to adopted and foster children. You are entitled to parental leave for each child, but you can take leave for several children at the same time. And do you have twins? Then you are entitled to two parental leave.

Paid leave coming soon

At present, parental leave is still unpaid, unless other agreements have been made about this in your collective labor agreement. From 2 August, 9 of the 26 weeks have been paid. The intention is that this will give you more time and space to get used to the new family situation, and to make conscious choices together with your partner or other parent about the division of work and care. You receive the parental leave benefit from the UWV; your employer applies for this for you after you have requested the leave from your employer.

The amount of the benefit is 70 percent of your daily wage, with a maximum of 70 percent of the maximum daily wage. On the website of the UWV It tells you exactly how they calculate your benefit. 

When are you eligible for paid parental leave?

You must take the 9 weeks of leave in the first year of your child's life. You can also use the leave if your child is or was born before 2 August 2022: as long as you take it before your child's first birthday and you have not yet used up the total of 26 weeks of parental leave. 

How do you request the leave?

You must request parental leave from your employer in writing at least two months in advance. He cannot refuse this request. Your employer then arranges with the UWV that you receive the benefit. You also decide for yourself how you take the leave: do you take several weeks off in a row or do you work half days? You can determine this yourself by indicating it in your request. However, the employer may ask you to schedule the leave differently if it has compelling interests in doing so.

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Want to know more?

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