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Chairman's message - De Unieke Top 50

Today, May 5, we celebrate 75 years of freedom in the Netherlands. A strange fact because the freedom of movement has never felt so restricted for most of us in recent weeks. Not being allowed to look up and touch each other on a day like today is profoundly against our human nature.

Fortunately, many people find other ways to connect. This also applies to us as an association De Unie. The many dozens of meetings that the actively involved Union members but also our followers have with each other have all been canceled. However, we can make connections with music. That's why we have, in collaboration with radio station Sublime De Unieke Top 50 compiled. Many of you have made a wonderful contribution to this music list. I have received nearly 400 responses to my call. The submissions contained an incredible number of beautiful personal comments. Some are full of hope or put into perspective, but all are inspiring. But there were also so many of them that a personal response has simply become impossible.

It has become a music list that makes me happy, because it excels so enormously in diversity that it is really a list of Union members. Unity in diversity. And that is exactly the idea behind de Unieke Top 50. We can meet as members, followers and colleagues of De Unie help and support through this difficult time as we continue to listen to each other and try to understand each other. This is sometimes difficult when feelings, experiences and ideas about now and later are further apart than usual. There will be music in this list that does not belong to you, but when you hear the motivation of the submitter, that song will never sound the same again.

With de UnieKe Top 50 we remain physically far from each other, but closer in our minds. The list is presented by the ever-positive DJ Francis Broekhuijsen. And in between the music and personal stories of members and colleagues, we also have a very special news bulletin for you.

De Unieke Top 50 can be heard via . I wish you a lot of listening pleasure.

With kind regards,

Reinier Castelein