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Accessible during your holiday: how connected are you?

Have you just planted yourself in a lounger with a bright red cocktail, you will receive a call from your employer. You hesitate to let the conversation pass you by, but eventually decide to answer it anyway. Or maybe you know where the key to the office storage is. You have no idea, so you might as well not have answered. But is that actually not allowed to record during your vacation?
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As an employee you are entitled to a holiday at least four times the agreed working hours. Do you work 40 hours a week? Then you are entitled to at least 160 holiday hours. In your employment contract or collective labor agreement it may be agreed that you are entitled to more vacation. Lucky you. The starting point here is that you do not have to be reachable for your employer when you finally use those well-deserved vacation days. This means that in principle you do not have to answer the phone when your employer calls.

Sometimes you still have to be available

Your employment contract or clause may state that you must be available during your holiday - often under certain circumstances. It is also possible that you have made agreements about your accessibility prior to your holiday. You must of course keep to these agreements. It also depends on your position whether you can be expected to be available. In general, if you have a managerial position or a position with many responsibilities, you are more likely to be expected to be available.

Make appointments

If you are expected to be available on holiday, it is advisable to make agreements about this. For example, write in your transfer, or in an e-mail to colleagues, at which times you can be reached during your holiday. Also try to check your e-mail only at these moments and to switch on your work phone. In addition, always turn on an automatic reply to all incoming e-mails. Your colleagues, and possibly your customers, then know that you are not available.

At the request of your employer, have you been working more than you were able to enjoy your holiday? You may then agree that you can take these 'missed' holiday hours at a later time. Make clear agreements about this with your employer.


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