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Discussion of the details of the Pension Agreement in the Lower House

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Now that all parties involved in the elaboration of the Pension Agreement have agreed, Minister Koolmees of Social Affairs has sent the elaboration to the Lower House. It was previously reported on this website that the Trade Union Federation for Professionals (VCP), where De Unie is affiliated, said “yes” to the proposed new pension system, but “no” to the proposed compensation for the abolition of the uniform contribution system.

During the discussion of the details in the House of Representatives on 14 July last, questions were mainly asked about the transition to the new pension system and about the so-called “entering” of the accrued pension entitlements in the new pension system. Most of the questions remained unanswered.

The VCP's proposal to compensate the group around the age of 45 with the abolition of the uniform contribution system appears to have little chance for the time being. According to Minister Koolmees, the proposal has major drawbacks in practice and will lead to additional implementation costs for employers and the government. CDA and GroenLinks wanted to know more about the VCP proposal. Furthermore, a motion was passed calling for periodic government updates on whether the goals set in the 2019 agreement are being met. One of those goals is sufficient compensation for the group around the age of 45.

The opposition in the House of Representatives objected to the lack of clarity about indexation during the transition period up to 2026, or even the risk of a reduction in pension entitlements.

The Minister now plans for the amended legislation to take effect on January 1, 2022 and that the transition to the new pension system must be completed by January 1, 2026.

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