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ASML: Report of consultations on 18 May 2021

On 18 May 2021, De Unie – together with the other trade unions concerned – held consultations with ASML on the development of the conditions of employment within ASML. The discussions took place in a positive atmosphere.


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Consultation on 18 May

The consultation was focused on how we can intensify contacts between ASML employees and the trade unions. ASML will facilitate this by sending out a special invitation: ‘ASML cordially invites you to get to know the trade unions.’ This will be sent out at the end of the week. If you haven’t received anything by Friday, 21 May, ask your supervisor! This invitation will refer to our unique webpage for ASML employees: ASML | De Unie

Drop-in sessions

To intensify contact with ASML employees, De Unie is organising 3 online drop-in sessions via Teams. During these sessions, we will discuss the development of the conditions of employment with the employees. We will be explaining the proposals we made before and answering any comments on these proposals. Click here: Registration form for ASML digital drop-in session | De Unie to register in advance for one of the sessions.

Follow-up consultation

We then discussed the follow-up process. Another consultation is scheduled next week, during which De Unie will give a presentation on the themes that we consider important in relation to the development of the conditions of employment. We will naturally base these themes on the outcome of last year's DigiC survey among all ASML employees. We will prepare this presentation in line with our proposal letter.


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