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ASML: Start collective labor agreement consultation

The Metalektro collective labor agreement has now been completed. This collective labor agreement also applies to ASML employees. ASML also informed staff about this in an e-mail.

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Apart from the Metalektro collective labor agreement, we have been discussing the terms of employment for ASML employees together with the other trade unions from April 2021. The reason for this consultation was ASML's wish to agree on a company collective labor agreement. De Unie has indicated from the outset that it is open to these consultations. A DigiC survey was conducted to get a good idea of ​​the wishes of the employees. The results of DigiC are for De Unie the starting point. ASML has also committed to respect these outcomes.

Proposal letter

On Wednesday 22 September, the trade unions and ASML explained their proposals. De Unie had previously made the proposal letter public. It has been some time since we drew up a proposal letter based on the DigiC results and shared it with the employees. Now that a Metalektro collective labor agreement has been reached, we can take the next steps in consultation with ASML. As De Unie already stated in its proposal letter, a company collective agreement must at least be equivalent to the Metalektro collective agreement. In order to do justice to our starting point, we have included additions in our new proposal letter (English version):

  1. Duration
    The term of the Metalektro collective labor agreement is 24 months, from December 1, 2020 to November 30, 2022. We would like to agree a comparable term with ASML.
  2. Voluntary early retirement (RVU)
    In the Metalektro collective labor agreement, the parties have agreed to work out a scheme in which employees can take early retirement under certain conditions.
    This is an important appointment for older employees. A maximum salary limit has been agreed for the industry, which we do not consider appropriate for a company such as ASML.
  3. Attractiveness of the sector (women, young people)
    Agreements have been made in the Metalektro collective labor agreement to increase the attractiveness of the sector. De Unie would like to make specific agreements for ASML that make ASML even more attractive as an employer.
  4. Leave savings
    Metalektro collective labor agreement: Employees can save, for example to support participation in the early retirement scheme. Since the beginning of 2021, tax-facilitated savings for leave has been possible up to a maximum of 100 weeks.
    The option to save up to a maximum of 100 weeks of leave is a good addition in the interests of the employees.
  5. Generation pact
    Metalektro Collective Labor Agreement: The Collective Labor Agreement parties agree to continue the Generation Pact arrangement unchanged until at least 1 December 2023.
    De Unie wants to adapt the Generation Pact so that it is more in line with the specific circumstances of ASML employees. In addition, we want to structurally agree on this arrangement.
  6. Working hours
    It has been agreed in the Metalektro collective labor agreement that in future overtime may not exceed 10 hours per 4 weeks.
    De Unie is happy to discuss the current overtime practice with ASML. Based on this conversation, we can come to a suitable appointment.
  7. Collective Labor Agreement training day
    Collective Labor Agreement Metalektro: The employee who is a member of a vakbond and is employed by an employer, can participate in a 'CAO training day' in 2022. This training day will in any case deal with industrial relations and the collective labor agreement.
    The idea of ​​informing employees about their terms of employment and their rights is sympathetic. De Unie proposes to make additional agreements about target group and design.
  8. Raise
    Things are going well at ASML. We would like to make an appropriate agreement about the collective salary increase. The amount of this will partly depend on the other agreements that we can make. The income limit of € 101.951 gross (annual salary including holiday allowance) used in the Metalektro collective labor agreement De Unie not be included in the ASML collective labor agreement.

Introduce ASML

ASML has also announced the proposals for the new collective labor agreement. ASML's proposals focus on three themes that emerged from the DigiC survey:

  • Work / private balance
  • Appreciation and Reward
  • Sustainable employability

ASML proposes, among other things:

  • Extension of the Generation Pact and also proposals that make it possible to enjoy a sabbatical leave;
  • It has once again been promised that the profit-sharing scheme for employees up to and including job group 9 will be maintained;
  • In the context of the birth leave, ASML proposes to supplement the salary to 100%;
  • Setting up a career platform
  • ADV as standard leave, where you can choose to have it paid out;

ASML's full proposals are published by ASML.

How further

The next consultation is scheduled for September 30, 2021. During this consultation, the parties will respond to each other's proposals. We will of course let you hear from us again after September 30th. If you have any questions or comments in advance, please let us know.


If you have any questions, please contact Inge de Vries via inge.de.vries@unie.nl or with Sjerp Holterman via sjerp.holterman@unie.nl.