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ASML: Consultation with ASML on Tuesday April 6, 2021


It has been quiet for some time around the employment conditions consultation at ASML. However, there is news to report, which is why we would like to inform you about it.

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Resumption of consultations April 6, 2021

On March 24, 2021, we received an invitation from the employer to make agreements about the process to be followed to arrive at employment conditions. De Unie has responded positively. We have heard that the other trade unions have also announced that they will accept the invitation. We will resume consultations with ASML on Tuesday 6 April 2021.

On March 31, 2021, we prepared the meeting together with the executives of De Unie. The conversation on April 6 is not yet exciting, it is a management meeting in which we mainly talk about the process. But it is very pleasant to be able to spar with a group of members and to discuss current developments at ASML with them.

What is ASML's position?

ASML indicates that they want to be transparent towards employees. To give substance to this, a dialogue is set up with the employees. In addition, ASML regularly publishes updates. These updates can be found on the intranet of ASML (CLA intranet page). In the fourth update it is indicated that the trade unions have been invited, which also outlines ASML's expectations of this consultation and what the relationship is with the Metalektro collective labor agreement. They also explain how ASML wants to deal with the results of the survey. It is stated that ASML bases its drafting of the new employment conditions on the preferences of the employees that emerged from the MWM2 / Innervoice survey. As is known, these results are ahead De Unie also leading in further consultation with ASML.

What happens after April 6?

De Unie expects new dates to be scheduled after April 6 to continue the employment conditions consultation. As is known De Unie in favor of this. We therefore consider it a positive development that the talks are resumed, with all parties represented. After April 6, 2021, members of De Unie, who works at ASML, a report.


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