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ASML collective labor agreement

You will have noticed that ASML would like to have its own company CLA with vakbondand want to finish. To avoid misunderstandings, we will list everything again.

De Unie is a party to the Metalektro collective labor agreement. A sector collective labor agreement that, due to the involvement of 1100 companies and 160.000 employees, has such a diversity of interests, which in most cases makes it difficult to establish.

As a high-tech company, ASML wants to be able to offer good, suitable and modern employment conditions. Responding to the specific needs of employees and ASML is limited in the Metalektro CLA. This often makes it difficult to provide customized employment conditions for your own employees. For this reason, other leading high-tech companies such as Philips and NXP already have their own collective labor agreement. Employees at these companies are often satisfied with their own collective labor agreement and recognize many more company-specific agreements in these collective labor agreements than before.

Because so little vakbondmembers of ASML, the involvement of employees in the collective labor agreement is currently very limited. ASML wants you to have a say in your collective labor agreement, as these are your employment conditions. During the recent members meeting on this topic, the members of vakbond De Unie (your colleagues) know that they are also strongly in favor of greater involvement of ASML colleagues in the formation of the collective labor agreement at ASML.

De Unie
Vakbond De Unie has developed DigiC in collaboration with an independent research agency www.digic.nl. A tested fully transparent and democratic process, with which we visualize the wishes of you and your colleagues.

1.) External researchers talk to you about your wishes regarding your employment conditions. Everyone is given the opportunity to participate through panel sessions and a survey. The results of this research will be shared with you, but also with others vakbondand and ASML.
2 for De Unie the results of the research are leading for the efforts at the collective labor agreement table. Others vakbondand can also use the results of the research for negotiating the collective labor agreement.
3.) Only when ASML employees are satisfied are we satisfied! As soon as a negotiation result on the collective labor agreement has been reached, ALL EMPLOYEES may vote on it! An ASML collective labor agreement will only be created if a majority agrees with the result.

ASML has asked all unions to conclude an ASML collective labor agreement together. De Unie responds to that demand by using DigiC. Vakbond De Unie With DigiC, the influence on the terms of employment is more than ever back to the employees themselves. You and your colleagues think and decide on your own employment conditions, or you vakbondslid or not.

In March you will receive an invitation for a survey from the research office. We call on you all to get involved. Let yourself be heard, give your opinion and make sure that we like vakbond can properly represent you at the collective labor agreement table.