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APG: Voting on collective labor agreement is now possible


First reactions CLA result

The initial response to the negotiation agreement has been well received. The earlier call to submit these to us with questions has also been used. The questions that have reached me are very specific questions that the questioner could answer favorably.

Thanks a mistake!

Despite carefulness, an error has ended up in the negotiations. There was talk of increasing the 'Balance of life' budget of € 150 on an annual basis and to increase this to a budget for 'Vital through life' of € 200 on an annual basis. However, the 'Life in balance budget' was € 125. In this case a situation of: 'mistake made by the bank in your favor'. After all, the increase is € 75 instead of the suggested € 50.

Earlier Union communications

With   can be read the previous newsletter in which we summarized the negotiation result. By on   Click to read the complete text of the negotiation result. All unions present the result to their members with a positive advice.

Voting procedure

De Uniemembers have received an invitation to vote until Wednesday 6 March 2019 at the latest.

Member meetings

The member meetings will be held next Monday afternoon February 25 at 16:00 PM in Heerlen (location Heuvelland) and possibly next week Thursday afternoon February 28 in Amsterdam (details not yet known). Even after that, there is still time to vote until Wednesday 6 March 2019.


If it is possible to pass on a positive voting advice from the members to the employer before 8 March 2019, the new collective labor agreement will become a fact. We will then still reach the salary round of March. The correction of the wage increase will then take place in March. This is done with an adjustment for the period from 1 January. If a majority of the members votes negative at one of the unions, there is a good chance that the employer will work with the unions that voted positively. The no-voting union thus loses its place at the collective agreement consultation table.