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Allianz - Proposal letter De Unie

On February 6, 2020 De Unie again discussed Allianz's social plan with the employer. The topics of discussion were mainly the severance payment and the internal reassignment. Respond in the next meeting De Unie on the employer's proposals. Has for that De Unie written a draft proposal letter with the help of some members.

Termination Fee

The employer has proposed to set the severance payment considerably lower.

Allianz wants to reduce the severance payment to 2 times the transition payment. In addition, the termination compensation is a maximum of € 83.000. Unless your annual salary is higher than € 83.000, in that case the severance payment can be no more than your annual salary. This calculation would lead to a much lower termination payment for most employees than if the termination payment from the current social plan were used. In the new employer proposal, the severance payment is calculated as follows:

  • For each year that you have worked at Allianz you are entitled to 2/3 of a monthly salary.

In the current social plan, an age scale is used in accordance with the system of the subdistrict court formula.

  • The years of service you have worked up to the age of 35 entitle you to 0,5 monthly salary per year of service.
  • Years of service from the age of 35 to 45 entitle the holder to 1,0 monthly salary per year of service.
  • Years of service from the age of 45 to 55 entitle the holder to 1,5 monthly salary per year of service.
  • The years of service you have worked from the age of 55 entitle you to 2,0 monthly salary per year of service.

Moreover, there is now no maximum for the termination compensation. The employer apparently wants to realize a considerable saving on the social plan.

Position of De Unie

As far as we know, Allianz's financial situation is not so dramatic that this intervention in the social plan is necessary. Allianz's employability policy does not justify this intervention.


We discussed the process of (re) placement in a reorganization. Allianz would like to make this simpler and more transparent, while doing justice to the wishes of the employees concerned. De Unie has emphasized the importance of a transparent process, conclusive definitions and due process.

Proposal letter De Unie

De Unie has prepared a draft proposal letter. Here can read the proposal letter. De Uniemembers have received an invitation to give an opinion on the proposal letter.

Next consultation

The next meeting will be on Thursday February 20, 2020. We will then discuss the proposals letters from the trade unions and we will continue with the topics we started with in the consultation of February 6, 2020.


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