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Social plan survey

De Uniemembers recently made a request from De Unie to participate in the negotiations for a social plan. Many members have responded to this. I want de Uniemembers for this. The survey shows that the views and interests of the members differ. There must therefore be a broad social plan, so that the interests of all members are promoted.

All respondents agree on one subject. Good professional help is needed for an external application process. I have already shared the importance of this topic with Allianz.

Postponement of negotiations

Allianz has since announced that, due to illness, the preparation for the negotiations has been delayed. The negotiations of 22 February 2019 have therefore been postponed. A new date has yet to be set. This postponement is no problem, because no major reorganisations are foreseen at Allianz in the short term. Also De Unie will postpone preparations for the negotiations by several weeks.

Acquisition of claims department from Aegon

As of July 1, 2016, Allianz took over a claims department from a peer, Aegon. At the time, the employees working there came over to Allianz. They are entitled to the employment conditions of their former employer on the date of transfer, but as an employee of Allianz they are also entitled to the employment conditions that Allianz offers. Some of these terms of employment overlap. We have now made an agreement about the transitional arrangements for these employees.

Transitional arrangement for employment conditions for former Aegon employees

Negotiations on the transitional arrangement for former Aegon employees were completed on February 22, 2019. We were able to agree on a good package of transitional measures to complete the harmonization of the terms of employment. This package of agreements can also serve as an example if Allianz insource employees in the future. The employees concerned will be informed in the week of 4 March 2019. Insofar as the employees are members of a trade union, they can give their opinion. There is room for adjustments if subjects are not properly assessed during the negotiations.

Since it concerns a smaller group of employees De Unie the information on this subject personally. Are you part of the group of former Aegon employees and have not received a personal message from us so far? Then send an e-mail to me. My email address is:


For questions or comments please contact me by e-mail or call 06-52522 091.