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Agreement for the Metalektro collective agreement reached

We worked really hard for it together and we succeeded! After many months of talking and campaigning, there is finally a CLA result for a new CLA in the Metalektro in which employee interests are central. It is now up to the members to approve the CLA result. Only then are the agreements final.

This CLA result proves that persistence wins. This agreement would never have come about without the support of the members. The deal will temporarily end the campaign that has been running continuously for about eight months at many companies across the country. The campaign will be suspended from Saturday, February 2, 2019, until the vakbondsleds voted on the agreements.

The main points from the agreement in principle

We are satisfied with the agreements made. We wanted a good, future-proof collective labor agreement that is good for young and old. A collective labor agreement that makes working in this sector more attractive. We succeeded!

  • Duration
    The CLA Metalektro has a term from 1 June 2018 to 1 December 2020 (30 months).
  • Structural, secure pay increase
    - 3,5% on February 1, 2019
    - € 58 gross on August 1, 2019
    - € 116 gross on January 1, 2020

Wages go up in three steps. Once with a percentage and twice with a fixed amount. As a result, employees in the lower salary scales and young people benefit even more. These agreed pay increases are certain, employers cannot simply deviate from them. The increases also apply to temporary workers.

  • Permanent jobs
    During the term of this CLA, employers will offer at least 3000 temporary workers a permanent contract.
  • Generation pact
    The Generation Pact ensures that older employees have the opportunity to work less and retire in a healthy way, while at the same time giving young people the opportunity to enroll. Because the hours that become available as a result of the shorter working weeks of the elderly are filled by transfer students with a (permanent) employment contract.
    Two variants have been agreed:
    - 80% -90% -100% (80% work, 90% salary, 100% pension accrual). For this variant, employees in regular shifts from the age of 60 are entitled to participate. Employees who do not work in regular shifts are entitled to participate from the age of 62.
    - 70% -85% -100% (70% work, 85% salary, 100% pension accrual). This variant applies to employees from the age of 62 on the condition that the employer agrees to the participation (double voluntary action).
    The following applies to both variants: if the employee makes use of the generation pact, the employee still receives half the number of senior days.
    Employees with an annual salary above € 70.000 can participate from the age of 63 on a double voluntary basis.
  • Sustainable employability
    Employees are entitled to one paid day per year to work on their sustainable employability (training, development and health).
  • Measures for working in shifts, night shifts and on consignment
    Less burdensome alternatives and aids are put into use in the companies.
  • VEP premium
    The VEP premium will be involved in the negotiations about the new pension scheme (which must be effective from January 1, 2020). There will be no duty of peace in the negotiations on the new pension scheme.
  • Vakbondcontribution
    In 2019 and 2020 vakbondsled the right to the vakbondThe contribution can be deducted from tax via the work-related costs scheme. Employees who are a member of one of the vakbondand get the vakbondContribution for 2019 reimbursed via the employer.
  • Training and development
    Multiple agreements, including: continuation of the projects: development vouchers, career coaches / DI consultants, personal training budget and 5 x better / improvement coaches.

These are the main points of the agreement. More agreements have been made. Members will be informed about this as soon as possible via en

The floor is now up to the members

The floor is now up to the members. The members may vote on this agreement in the near future. They will receive more information about this soon.