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Agreement of Union members on ICS social plan

On April 24, 2018 vakbond De Unie ICS let it be known that the members have voted in favor of the 2018-2020 social plan.

ICS submits the social plan to the minister for a universally binding declaration as soon as possible. Once the signatures are in place, the plan is in effect. De Unie and ICS will notify you.


The conclusion of the social plan is of course the prelude to the announced reorganization. In any case, an exciting time is at hand. De Unie will periodically keep in touch with the management of ICS. We closely monitor organizational changes and monitor the careful implementation of the social plan.

Settlement Agreement (VSO)

If you agree on a settlement agreement with your employer in the near future, we strongly recommend that you submit it to us for inspection. We have agreed with ICS that they will pay for this service. Click here for more information.

Register as a Union member

For those who have expressed their wish to become a member by email in the past few days and have also cast their vote, you will find the link here to register. It is very important that this actually happens, otherwise non-members will have cast their vote. This still endangers the agreed agreement. 


For questions and comments you can reach us by e-mail or call 06-52522065.