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Advice, help and questions: we are here for you!

You have doubts about a situation in the field of work, care or income. Maybe your boss says something that you totally disagree with, he forces you to wear certain clothes or it turns out that your collective labor agreement is not entirely correct. What are you doing then? You may not always think about it, but you can quickly call us to discuss any questions you have. The vision of one of our experts often offers you new insights, so that you know how to handle a situation.

What do we do if vakbond for you?

As a vakbond we realize the best working conditions, collective labor agreements and social plans. This is done for groups of people. However, we also do a lot for you as an individual. For example, we help you, together with our employment lawyers and advocates, to resolve a (legal) conflict with your employer.

If you have questions or uncertainties about your collective labor agreement or company regulations, we can answer or explain them for you. If your employer does not stick to the agreements made, we can solve this together with you. This can vary from verbal advice to going to court. This always in consultation with you.

You can also count on us if you need advice about your unemployment benefit or WIA benefit or if you are looking for help with an objection to a decision by the UWV. We can also answer questions about your pension for you as a Union member. Testing your new employment contract is no problem for us. Does this contain a non-competition clause? Then we advise you about this.

We know the working methods and methods of almost all parties with whom I consult. This way we know how we can get the most out of it for you. Our knowledge is not limited to the above matters.


Membership includes assistance with employment law and social security law issues (as mentioned above). You can also extend the membership to a premium membership. With a premium membership, in addition to all the benefits of the membership, you also have support through DAS in matters relating to Housing and Consumer Law.

As a member of De Unie you will receive the following, if desired:

  • Legal advice (work and income);
  • Tax service;
  • Help with informal care;
  • Collective advocacy;
  • Pension guide;
  • Check terms of employment and termination agreement;
  • Support Works Council member;
  • Exclusive member benefits.

The premium membership

The premium membership means that you receive assistance in conflicts about damage and injury arising in traffic (road, air, rail or water traffic). Conflicts with neighbors or government agencies. Conflicts about an inheritance or financial institution. This and much more is covered by the premium membership.

The premium membership can be used for all family members living at home. Even children living out of home are co-insured here. For this you pay € 7,75 per month extra. As of January 1, 2021, this rate will change to € 8,30 per month.

In addition, you also use the many member benefits. This way you will earn back your membership fee twice over. For example, we have a discount on your health costs, use Senior Service en nog veel meer!

Not a Union member, but expert advice?

Do you already need our advice regarding a situation with your employer or social security law? Then use Union-Direct. We can offer you, as a non-member, help via Unie-Direct. We charge a competitive hourly rate for this assistance. Here too, representing your interests will have the highest priority for us. We will soon post an extensive blog about this service. So keep following us!


If you would like to discuss with us what we can do for you in your situation, please contact our Service Center. You can reach them via 0345-851963 or by email

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