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Achmea: report periodic consultation

De Unie has monthly consultations with Achmea. This periodic consultation was last held on March 12, 2020. At that time, the government measures to prevent the spread of the corona virus were not yet in force. The course of events was mainly discussed. The situation has now changed radically.

For health reasons, companies should make an effort to get as many people as possible to work from home. Similarly Achmea. This demands a lot from the organization, but it is important that the company can continue to function in these difficult times.

Working from home

Achmea, like most other companies, is helping to prevent further spread of the corona virus. This has consequences for business operations and for employees. This requires flexibility from everyone, employer and employees. Achmea seems to have taken sufficient account of the needs of employees in today's situation. A different experience? Please contact De Unie on. We can help in consultation with the employer.

Agenda periodic consultation

In the context of the periodic consultation De Unie and Achmea discussed a number of topics. I list the most important ones below.

Annual figures 2019

Achmea has published the annual figures for 2019. In the periodic consultation, Achmea said that 2019 was a good year. Overall, the company has outperformed. The company is satisfied with this result.

34-hour working week

Achmea is preparing to introduce the 34-hour working week. Q1 is intended to retrieve information from the organization. Inquiries among the members show that Achmea requests information to a very limited extent from employees. There is also particular interest in the costs for the company. The 'costs' that the employees have to bear seem to be less in scope. Already several members have at the request of De Unie responded. Have you not gotten around to sending the questions regarding working shorter hours? This is still possible. I am happy to take the contribution with me.

Achmea is planning to organize staff meetings about the 2020-hour working week in April 34. This planning may have to be adjusted due to the corona crisis.

Pension scheme

The current pension scheme runs until December 31, 2021. This is still a long way off. But a number of radical changes are in preparation for the next pension scheme, which means that the subject of pension is already on the agenda.

  • The SPA pension fund has indicated that from 1 January 2022 they will no longer cooperate in indexing the pensions accrued with the SPA. Many Achmea employees have accrued a pension with the SBZ pension fund in the past because they worked for a health insurer. The pension that is still left with the SPA must be indexed. Otherwise, the pension will quickly lose value. This indexation was initially paid for by Achmea and later by SPA. A solution must be found for this in time.
  • The new pension legislation is the second development that we have to take into account. New rules will come into effect in 2022 or later.
  • Achmea is investigating whether pension accrual should be made possible for flex workers at Achmea.
  • The net pension accrual (for employees with a pension-bearing income higher than approximately € 110.000) must be transferred to a new administrator before 1 January 2021 because the current administrator no longer wishes to implement this scheme. Achmea is also investigating the system and relevance of pension accrual for this target group.


Achmea TOP's performance management system (Talent Development, Performance) is through De Unie put on the agenda. It has been reported by several members that the initial enthusiasm and energy on this topic seems unfortunately to be waning. When introducing TOP, Achmea said that a culture change is necessary for TOP to succeed. A period of 3 years has been allocated for this culture change. De Unie is concerned that if the organization no longer pays attention to the cultural aspects after 1 year and does not provide adequate support for the introduction of TOP, the organization will quickly fall back into its established habits. All the more because Achmea does not want to say goodbye to the KPI system in order to achieve the organizational objectives. These KPIs do not currently support the TOP system, but are still one-sidedly focused on the P of performance.

Achmea indicates that TOP can still find an important part. Managers who need support can contact the HR business partner for this. The criticism of De Unie Achmea does not recognize the negative effects of the KPI system on TOP.


Are there any questions about the announced reorganisations or about this message? Or share something with us? Please feel free to contact me, advocate Inge de Vries, by e-mail or call 06-5252 2091.