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Achmea: Report on collective labor agreement consultations on 1 November 2018


On November 1, 2018 De Unie consulted about the new collective labor agreement. In this meeting we went through all the proposals. And we discussed the employer's latest pension proposal. The next meeting is on November 8, 2018.


We discuss this topic along two lines.

  • The collective salary increase is a very important topic. De Unie asks for a salary increase of 3,5%. So far we have not been able to make any agreements that are reason to ask the members to settle for a lower percentage.
  • The rating increase. As long as an employee has not yet reached the scale maximum, there is a right to an individual salary increase that depends on the performance and development. This should be an important topic for the employer as salary growth is a consideration in hiring processes. Unfortunately, the employer relies on cost considerations.

Generation pact

The proposal of one of the other trade unions to give employees aged 60 and older the opportunity to work for 80%, at 90% salary and with retention of pension accrual is not negotiable for the employer. In 2017, the Generation Pact was also the subject of collective bargaining, when we were unable to reach agreement. In 2017, it was therefore decided to provide additional training courses for employees aged 60 and older.

Flex work

Achmea has a considerable flexible shell. The flexible shell are employees with a temporary contract or who work via an employment agency. The flexible shell at Achmea is not excessive, but it is extensive. In addition, work is also outsourced via other constructions. The extent of this is not clear, because there is no employment contract. De Unie raised this in the collective labor agreement consultations. We don't have a concrete solution for this yet. But it is in any case important to point out to the employer the social responsibility that employers have.


De Unie wants to continue the current pension scheme. We do see opportunities for cost savings. The high costs of the pension are a major issue for the employer. The employer made a new pension proposal on 1 November 2018. It is proposed to continue the pension scheme for employees who are now employed. However, agree against a lower pension premium. The proposal is lower than some De Unie realistic, so we still have to negotiate. In addition, the employer proposes to offer employees who enter employment from 1 January 2019 a completely different pension scheme. The new employees would receive a defined contribution scheme. The costs of this will be a bit lower. De Unie has yet to study this proposal.

Next consultation

The next meeting will be on November 8, 2018. We will then in any case continue to talk about pension.

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