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Achmea: Explanation CLA result

The collective labor agreement negotiations at Achmea ended on 19 December 2019. Unfortunately not with a positive negotiation result. De Unie submits the final result of the negotiations to the members with a negative opinion of the executives. The members received a message about this on Friday 20 December 2019.


In Appendix can be read per subject what the explanation of De Unie is. The view of De Unie is bold and italics. In short, our conclusion is that we are negative about the salary / standard working hours agreements and about the pension. The other topics are generally positive. The proposal is also unbalanced.

To vote

The members have received an invitation to vote until January 7, 2020, 16.00 p.m.


Many members have now sent e-mails with their opinion or questions to me, advocate Inge de Vries. Also employees who are not yet members of De Unie take the opportunity to ask questions or express their opinion.

Are there any questions in response to this message or is there information with De Unie to share? Please contact me by e-mail