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Achmea: CLA negotiations started

Negotiations on the Achmea collective labor agreement started on Wednesday 30 October 2019. On this afternoon, all parties set out their vision for the new Achmea CLA. We discussed each other's proposals and asked critical questions in order to understand the proposals properly. The consultations were constructive and the atmosphere was good.

Proposal letter De Unie

De Unie has explained the proposal letter. Our proposal letter is here. to read. De Unie requests a 4,5% salary increase for a collective labor agreement with a duration of 12 months. In the member survey, a relatively large number of members indicated that they wanted to send a clear signal to their employer that the salaries at Achmea were lagging behind compared to comparable financial companies.

Proposals Achmea

The employer has now published the proposal letter on Achmea-net. It contains two striking proposals that may have a great deal of influence on collective bargaining.

  • The standard 34-hour working week is an innovative proposal that fits well with the wishes and needs of the new generations entering the labor market. But that can also help elderly people who want to take a step back. De Unie has indicated that we find this proposal interesting in principle, but that we should not close our eyes to the implementation issues that we must therefore resolve. De Unie has indicated in the proposal letter that he wishes to speak about Achmea Select. Every year there are members who indicate that they actually have to work more than 36 hours, but that they are not allowed to work longer hours via Achmea Select. Then you actually work partly unpaid. We have to solve this organizationally before we can agree on a standard 34-hour working week.
  • Pension has been put on the agenda by the employer. Due to the unusually low interest, the pension premium has risen sharply (many millions). Last year we concluded a new pension agreement. This agreement runs until December 31, 2021. The employer wants to discuss with trade unions what actions are possible to (over time) regulate pension costs. The executives of De Unie have not yet taken a position on this. We will do this before the next CLA consultation.

Proposals other trade unions

The other trade unions have a salary increase of 5% and 4% respectively. They have also included various proposals in the context of Life Phase Awareness Personnel Policy. These proposals generally dovetail well with those proposed De Unie did. De Unie will endeavor to formulate a joint proposal (with the other trade unions).


The next collective agreement meeting will be on Wednesday 13 November 2019.


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