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ABN AMRO: What does the bank think?

ABN AMRO collective labor agreement negotiations have started

On April 1, 2019, negotiations started for a new collective labor agreement, the social plan and the pension scheme. Negotiations started early in the year, as there are many important topics on the agenda.

During the first day of the negotiations, all parties presented their proposal letters. The bank has immediately indicated that it does not find the 4% wage demand from the unions realistic. All letters can be read on Connections. On you can also read other relevant information such as the current social plan and the collective labor agreement.


Experience has shown that this is a complex topic and that is why we started this early in the process. The 2018 pension study showed that a considerable amount is being invested in the pension scheme. But as in the proposal letter of De Unie read, there is no real need to adjust the pension scheme. Employees, young and old, consider pensions an important employment condition that is highly valued.


De Unie conducts the negotiations with two executives at the table and three executives in the side room. During the year we regularly change staff with our executives, so that we have the right expertise at the table for each subject. Our executives Ria Giffard, Edwin van Vliet, Rob Mulder and many others are committed to a good result.


The next meeting is on April 16, 2019 and we are holding de Uniemembers with these newsletters are constantly informed. If you have any questions or comments about this newsletter or the negotiations, please email me

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