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ABN AMRO: Members agree to new collective labor agreement and social plan

On behalf of De Unie thanks Harma Pethke to the many members who voted. 90% of our members have agreed to the new collective labor agreement and social plan, which will take effect on 1 January 2020. You can here read the agreements in a nutshell.

In addition to the many positive reactions, there were also some negative comments. Some members thought the wage increase was too meager. Others appeared not to need the extra week of vacation that was agreed. Of course others were very positive about that. Overall, we think it is an agreement that does justice to the efforts of the employees and also has an eye for the interests of the bank.

In the coming period, we will make follow-up agreements to evaluate and implement the agreements where necessary. Of course we will de Unie- always keep members informed of this. Do not hesitate to share this message with colleagues! They can join the first year at the bank's expense De Unie. You can easily register via

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