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AAR Aircraft Component Services: 3/4 members meeting on Metalektro actions!

AAR Aircraft Component Services is not a member of the employers' organization FME. Therefore, members of De Unie don't just take part in the national promotions in the Metal Electro. Those campaigns started in June 2018 because vakbondand are very dissatisfied with the position of the employers' organization FME in the negotiation process. After a summer break, the promotions will start again from September.

Why an ¾ meeting?

Surely there is a possibility that members of De Unie who work at AAR can participate in the national and regional actions in the metal electronics industry. This requires at least 3/4e of the members present at a members' meeting at AAR agree to participate in the campaigns. In addition, at least 25% of our members at AAR must be present at the members meeting.

To give members the opportunity to participate in the campaigns, we therefore organize a ¾ members meeting. This members meeting is only intended for members of De Unie who work at AAR ACS.

Where and when?

The ¾ meeting will take place at:
Donderdag 20 september 2018
In the cafetaria
Start: 16: 00 hour

Besides the fact that Hans Korver will of course be there, Albert Meeuwissen will also be present. Albert is one of the two negotiators De Unie at the negotiating table about the A collective labor agreement. He coordinates the actions from De Unie. And he is able to answer questions about the A CLA directly.

See you at the members meeting of September 20!

Questions or remarks?

Are there any questions or comments in the meantime? Please contact the representative by e-mail