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Legal aid through DAS

As a premium member you can take advantage of legal assistance insurance from DAS. An excellent addition to the support and security that a membership provides De Unie you offer.

I want to convert my Basic membership to the Premium membership

Family is co-insured

The insurance does not only apply to you, but to everyone in your house. Children (foster or step) living away from home are also insured, but only if they follow a full-day study or live in a nursing home. Please note: you must live in the Netherlands and act as a private person.

No waiting time

There is no waiting period for the insurance. However, the cause of the dispute must occur during the term of the insurance. This is called the burning house principle: you cannot insure a burning house. You can only use legal help if you could not have known that you would need it.

Choose a lawyer yourself

You can choose a lawyer yourself and declare the costs of this to DAS. Do ask permission for this first. Are legal proceedings not mandatory and do you want to choose a lawyer yourself? Then an excess of € 250 applies.

Cost maximum

The cost maximum can differ per part, from € 5.000 to € 60.000. In most cases, a franchise amount of € 175 applies: only if the damage is higher than the franchise amount will it be compensated.

Insurance area

The insurance territory is usually the European Union. This is explained per category in the policy conditions.

When is legal assistance covered by the policy?

  • In conflicts about damage and personal injury that has arisen in traffic (road, air, rail and water traffic). Traffic damage and injuries are covered worldwide unless you were not authorized to drive the vehicle.
  • In conflicts about damage caused by others to an insured person in person and to personal property.
  • In conflicts about health insurance or health, for example after a medical error or an accident at work.
  • In the event of conflicts about a booked holiday, when they concern transport to and from the travel destination, the rented accommodation and the travel and / or cancellation insurance taken out.
  • In case of conflicts about (air) shipping and vehicles, for example about purchase, sale, repair or insurance. Please note: if it concerns a second-hand vehicle without an additional written warranty from a brand dealer, BOVAG or FOCWA company, the conflict does not fall under the policy cover.
  • In conflicts with financial institutions, such as an insurer. Exceptions: a conflict with DAS or a conflict about the sale, purchase or management of shares, bonds, certificates, savings deposits or bonds.
  • In conflicts with an educational institution about education or student finance. You can also rely on the policy as a volunteer.
  • In conflicts with neighbors: neighbor law is interpreted as the rules that owners and users of real estate that are neighbors must adhere to.
  • In conflicts with the Dutch government, nationally or locally.
  • In conflicts about an inheritance.
  • In the event of conflicts about construction, renovation, purchase, rental, ownership or use of the premium member's home. Please note: this only applies to the home where the premium member lives, last lived or will live in; a holiday home is only covered if the premium member mainly uses it himself.
  • If someone wants compensation from the premium member and it is not covered by liability insurance. Moreover, it only applies in the amicable process. If the member is accused of deliberately causing the damage, this will not be covered by the policy.

What is not covered by the policy?

If a conflict does not belong to a covered part, it is not covered by the insurance. This applies to the following components:

  • Employment and social security law are not covered by the DAS legal expenses insurance, as these are already covered by the membership of De Unie fall.
  • Criminal conflicts are only covered if it subsequently turns out that the insured person has unknowingly violated a law or committed a crime, or if a criminal case could have been prevented by paying a sum of money.
  • Personal and family law: think of divorce (smediation) or alimony.
  • Tax law
  • Immigration law
  • Business activities

Policy conditions

Curious about what exactly you can claim? Check the policy conditions. DAS decides on the interpretation of the policy conditions and whether a dispute falls under the policy cover.

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