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Choose a telephone subscription with a discount

It is important that you have a suitable and affordable telephone subscription. At UnitedConsumers members and followers get from De Unie every month discount on the subscription prices of major providers such as KPN, Vodafone, Tele2, T-Mobile, and Ben.

The amount of the monthly discount depends on the provider and type of subscription. Whether you choose a Sim Only or a subscription with a device, there is always a subscription that suits you!

your advantage

In addition to the standard discount, up to € 4,50 per month, you get as a member or follower of De Unie an extra, unique discount of € 25,00 when taking out a mobile subscription via UnitedConsumers. With a 2-year subscription you can save up to € 145,00 annually as a member or follower.

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You can contact UnitedConsumers by telephone on 040 235 05 60 or via

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