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De Unie has made attractive agreements with UnitedConsumers so that you can refuel cheaply. With the UnitedConsumers fuel card, you can refuel with a discount at more than 600 petrol stations throughout the Netherlands. There is always a gas station near you where you can refuel cheaply. Which is great, because that way you have more left over for fun things in your life!

Refueling with a discount: in 4 steps

  • Apply for the UnitedConsumers fuel card.
  • Refuel at one of the 600 affiliated petrol stations.
  • Have your UnitedConsumers fuel card scanned by the pump employee.
  • Your discount will be credited to your personal savings credit within 24 hours.

your advantage

With the UnitedConsumers fuel card you benefit from two discount guarantees. That way you are always cheaper.

  • Discount guarantee 1: You receive a 6 - 10 cents per liter discount on the Average National Recommended Price
  • Discount guarantee 2: You get 1 - 3 cents per liter discount on the pump price

With UnitedConsumers' discount guarantees, the benefits for you as a member do not stop there. You will receive an extra 100 cents discount on the pump price for the first 5 liters on top of the regular discounts.


Start saving and apply for the fuel card. You will receive your UnitedConsumers fuel card by post within 2 weeks. The discount is deposited into your personal savings per refueling. You can have the accrued discount paid out to your bank account at any time.

Good to know: The fuel card has a value of € 5,00, but if you fill up with 250 liters in the first six months, the fuel card is completely free for you. View here at which petrol stations you can refuel with a discount in your area.

Do you have any questions?

You can contact UnitedConsumers customer service at
040 235 05 60 or via

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